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ARNEVUT Resources Inc. (ARNEVUT) and TUVERA Exploration Inc. (TUVERA) merged on January 13, 2014 following a Fairness Hearing in Utah and findings by the Utah Division of Securities that the transaction was fair to all ARNEVUT shareholders. TUVERA, through its Utah subsidiary TUVERA Utah, Inc., took over responsibility for all of ARNEVUT’s mineral properties and existing obligations. TUVERA looks forward to continuing ARNEVUT’s projects and to successful business in 2014 and beyond.


January 24, 2014

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Many mineral properties with significant potential have been inadequately explored and approached for development. TUVERA’s corporate objective is to acquire or joint venture on properties that have advanced beyond the "grass-roots" stage, but which have been overlooked or were inadequately explored by prior companies. Often these properties lacked correct exploration models, appeared to not have economic viability at the time of past exploration or lacked adequate funding.  TUVERA’s strategy is to advance such properties to at least the post-feasibility stage in order to allow their development and provide benefits to TUVERA’s shareholders and partners in such development.