November 20, 2018

The Island Mountain project area was included in a very large wildfire complex (two connected wildfires) that affected a large portion of northwestern Elko County, Nevada in August and early September 2019 (see for a synopsis of the fire that affected Island Mountain).  The project area was near the eastern limit of the wildfire, but was fully included in the burned area.  Approximately 80% of the vegetation in the project area was burned, with the western half of the property nearly 100% burned and the eastern half having more patchy burn coverage.

Douglas C. Peters, President & CEO of TUVERA Exploration Inc., visited and fully reviewed the Island Mountain property on November 6-8, 2018 to determine the impact of the fire on the property in general and specifically on the revegetation of past drilling sites and their accessways.  Most drill sites were fully burned, although a few were as low as 50% burned due to the vagaries of the fire intensity and movement across the terrain of the property.  Mr. Peters prepared a “Fire Review” report, with many pictures documenting the fire impacts, and it is publically available on this website.

It is our understanding that, because of the heavy damage to vegetation by the fire, the past reclamation and revegetation program by ARNEVUT Resources Nevada, LLC (“ARN”) on the federal lands portion of the property will be nearly fully released from further revegetation requirements by the U.S. Forest Service (“USFS”).  ARN awaits formal notice of this release by the USFS.  The only project site not to be released is a staging area that was not reclaimed after 2013 drilling and which only will be reclaimed after all exploration work is completed by ARN on the project.