Emamudin Ghiasi



Mr. Ghiasi has many years of experience as a Water Resources Engineer. His experience with hydrological studies and the analysis and design of hydraulic structures (including earth- and rock-fill dams), as well as the design of sewage and storm water systems and overall administration and project management, is an important basis for future environmental studies and reclamation efforts related to mine site (e.g., tailings ponds) and leach pad design and eventual closure.

After his gradutation from the Afghan Institute of Technology, Mr. Ghiasi served as a Commissioned Officer in the Republic Government of Afghanistan Army for one year as a member of the engineering team, planning for new residential development, zoning, street design, water supply investigation, water resource planning, drainage master plan, design of storm and sanitary sewer system for the army base and new residential development. While pursuing his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at Kabul University, and for two years afterward, Mr. Ghiasi worked as a Water Resources Engineer (Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Republic Government of Afghanistan) with the United Nations Project #13, performing design, analysis and construction supervision of hydraulic structures, hydrology studies, and related administration. At that time, he supervised 50 technicians and laborers.

As Director of the Hydrology Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Republic Government of Afghanistan), Mr. Ghiasi worked in conjunction with the U.S. Geological Survey selecting sites for hydrological stations throughout Afghanistan and designed and analyzed hydraulic structures and hydrology studies. His work also involved instruction of technicians and new engineers in computing data, investigation and design of city water supply and drainage studies, design and analysis of consumptive uses of water, water resource planning, approval of design and maps for construction, and verification of plans, plan operation, budget, and related administrative responsibilities. Mr. Ghiasi supervised 100 engineers, technicians, and administrators and was a volunteer technical advisor for the City of Jalalabad.

Prior to emigrating to the United States in 1969, Mr. Ghiasi was President of the Parwan Irrigation Project for the Republic Government of Afghanistan. In this position, he had overall administrative responsibility for engineering projects (including approval of design and maps for all the construction, including roads, office and residential buildings, dams, canals, siphons, hydro-power plants, and irrigation systems), drilling for soil and geological investigation, hydrogeological studies, water resource planning, the general plan of operation, the working plan, and budget management (in excess of US$15 million). Mr. Ghiasi supervised 4,000 engineers, technicians, administrators, and other personnel. He also was a volunteer member of the City Engineering Board for new construction and improvements of the existing infrastructures.

After emigrating to the United States, Mr. Ghiasi performed a variety of professional water resource engineering duties for the Water Resource Engineer (Division of Water Resources) of the State of Colorado. This included surface water investigations and related administration and management of the Division's Hydrographic Section in Alamosa, Colorado. He served as an Assistant to the Training Officer and assisted USAID officials in the preparation of associated documentation (including PIOP, PIOT, Prop's, ProAG's, congressional presentations, budget, and administration). Mr. Ghiasi worked as a Civil Engineer with Stearns-Roger, Inc., where he had a number of duties: site planning for new development and improving the condition of existing facilities; design of street, highways, bridges; design and analysis of hydraulic structures; hydrological studies; flood plain routing; design of spillways, canals, canal control structures and pipelines; design and analysis of pump houses, water supply and distribution, recreation parks and their irrigation systems; storm and sanitary sewer systems; and circulating water systems and evaporation ponds for power plants. Mr. Ghiasi also served as a Civil Engineer with Hydro-Triad, Ltd., where he performed similar duties, as well as working on rehabilitation of existing infrastructure and design and analysis of various earth and rock-fill dams.

Mr. Ghiasi worked for over 30 years with Howard Needles Tammen and Bergendoff (HNTB) as project engineer, project manager, consultant and was responsible for all water resource projects in the Denver office. He performed analyses for waste hazards and environmental studies. He directed work that included hydrological studies and the analysis and design of hydraulic structures. Some of the projects have included the Roaring Fork River, South Platte River, the HUD Flood Insurance Studies in Douglas and Boulder Counties, Colorado, and Flood Hazard Area Delineation Studies in Douglas County, Colorado. Similar duties were performed for projects in the States of Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

In July, 2007, Mr. Ghiasi co-founded ARNEVUT Resources Inc. and served as Vice-President for Land and Environmental Affairs for several years. As such, he was responsible for managing future mine reclamation and environmental studies, the applicability of environmental best practices to the mining process, and oversight of the design of any waste facilities at project sites.  Presently, Mr. Ghaisi serves TUVERA as part of their team in the capacity of a professional consultant.

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