M. Hassan Alief


Chairman, Director

Mr. Alief has over 50 years of experience in the mining and exploration industry. Hassan Alief specializes in management of geological projects, uranium geology, and mining and exploration for massive sulfides and precious metals, and has worked in Afghanistan, Chile, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Sudan, Tadjikistan, Vietnam, and the United States of America.

During work on his M.Sc. degree, Mr. Alief worked as a Minerals Analyst at the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology. He was in charge of the Minerals and Geology Laboratory and performed chemical analyses for the Bureau staff and citizens of Idaho. Upon completion of his M.Sc. degree, he returned to Afghanistan and served for two years as the Director of the Technical Section of the Department of Petroleum Exploration in the Ministry of Mines and Industries. He supervised the Technical Laboratory, Field Geology, and Hydrology groups, and also assisted the President of the Department of Petroleum Exploration in administrative duties.

Mr. Alief served two years as Director–General of the Minerals Survey of Afghanistan in the Ministry of Mines and Industries, Royal Government of Afghanistan (under King Zahir). He was in charge of administration of the Department, which included many engineers, geologists, and technicians, and the National Minerals Laboratory. He also assisted the President of the Department of Mines in administrative duties. In 1966 he worked for six years as a Mining and Exploration Geologist for the Homestake Mining Company in New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. He explored for uranium and evaluated existing mineral properties for possible acquisition.

Mr. Alief served for 6.5 years as an exploration geologist for Chevron Resources Company, exploring for uranium in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, and Alaska. Subsequently, he became Resident Manager for Chevron Exploration Corp. of Sudan for two years. In this position, he was in charge of negotiations and acquisition of mineral concessions from the Sudanese Government and of organizing and carrying out minerals exploration projects in Southwestern Sudan. In this capacity, a 10,000 square kilometer area was outlined and explored for two years. This resulted in defining the copper/gold/uranium mineralization at Hofrat–En–Nahas. After moving back to Chevron Resource Company, Mr. Alief became Supervisor of Base Metals/Massive Sulfides Exploration for two years and was in charge of a group of geologists exploring for base metals and massive sulfides in the United States. Target areas evaluated were the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Eastern U.S. and the states of Arizona and New Mexico. He then moved to the position of Senior Uranium Geologist and was in charge of all uranium exploration and production geology for Chevron. Mr. Alief also supervised mine geology in Texas and New Mexico and evaluated mineral properties for possible acquisition by the company. His final position with Chevron (Chevron Chile) was in Chile where he evaluated the Can–Can gold mine and calculated its reserves for the company.

For the past 22 years, Mr. Alief has been the President of Alinco GeoServices, Inc., a company that provides technical services to the mining industry and geologic and environmental site evaluation services for property owners and developers. In 1996, Mr. Alief spent 5.5 months in Kazakhstan supervising exploration projects for Goldbelt Resources. He also completed an environmental impact study for the Abys Mine, a Pb–Zn deposit. From May 2005 through November, 2007, he served as a consultant and later as chief geologist with UR Energy USA, Inc.

Mr. Alief also serves as a Director of Prospectors Consolidated Resources Inc., a public company traded on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange.

In July, 2007, Mr. Alief co-founded ARNEVUT Resources Inc., and at present, he serves as CEO and Chairman of the corporation.

Habibia High School
(Kabul, Afghanistan):
Diploma, 1953 - -
Colorado School of Mines:
B.Sc., Geological Engineering, 1960 - -
University of Idaho:
M.Sc., Geology, 1962

English: (Fluent)
Dari: (Fluent)
Persian –– Farsi: (Fluent)
Pashtu: (Good)
Russian: (Good, but not fluent)
Spanish: (Fair, but not fluent)
Arabic: (Fair, but not fluent)

Albuquerque Geological Society (Past President and Member)
American Institute of Professional Geologists (Certified Professional Geologist #11134)
Colorado Mining Association (Member)
Denver Mining Club (Member)
Denver Region Exploration Geologists Society (Member)
Producers and Developers Association of Canada (Member)
Scientific Society of Sigma Xi (Life Associate Member)
Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (Member)
Wyoming Geological Association (Member)